We’ll pay your technical debt.

We are Refactoring.lt. We help good software projects become great by paying your technical debt.

Are you our client?

Did you move fast and break things at the start of your project and now find it increasingly hard to continue with further development?

Do you feel the need to do a code base revamp but are unsure about where to start and how to prioritize?

Do you feel that you are stuck with specific tools in your project that were chosen years ago?

Do “let’s rewrite everything to X” discussions come up quite often among your team?

Would you like to do some code cleanup and refactoring but just don’t have the cycles available at your team?

Are the new developers that join the project slow to start, seem reluctant and unproductive?

Do you have secret wishes about what you would like to do with your project but find it hard to even think about them due to the amount of code changes involved?

Does your work become chaotic rather often, although given the size and the scope of the project you feel that you should be able to just do your job without stress?

Do you seem lost in lists of bug reports, feature requests and ideas about what could be improved?

Does it feel like all the projects around you know their way around things and you’re the only one lagging behind?

Do you wish you could stop thinking about your project’s code base as legacy?

What we do

We will help you find the best approach to code structure and assist in choosing a testing and validation strategy.

We will provide you with a fresh outsider look at your project.

We will give you actionable items to try out right away, not a two-year snake oil enterprise-y solution to implement.

We provide not only plain old criticism (anyone can criticize!), but proven ways (steps) to improve.

We will help you figure out which fancy buzzwords (Agile, SCRUM, continuous integration, …) are of any use to your software project.

If our expertise allows, we will rewrite parts of your software project ourselves without a feature freeze of any kind.

We will do the best we can to prevent any kind of feature freeze to your project while doing our work.

How we work

We do interviews with your development team in order to figure out who’s doing what, what people like to do, where they think the project is going, what outstanding issues they see, et cetera. We also interview the management to learn their priorities, wishes and ideas.

We read through your code base to learn how it works, the current state of the code, existing testing strategies, means to change management and miscellaneous properties.

We also observe your current process of code development, review and deployment, causes of bugs and means to fix them, inter-team communication, methods of prioritizing tasks, solving outstanding issues.

As a result, we make suggestions and offer advice on what you could improve and why. We can implement those suggestions ourselves or handhold your team through the whole process.

Naturally, the process is iterative, meaning that instead of pushing for overnight revolutions, we’ll gradually improve the state of your project and the performance of your team over time.

Why us?

We love deleting (legacy) code.

We have years of experience with working on both the best and the worst code there is, both open source and proprietary.

Naturally, during those years we did lots of our own best and worst work too, so we know what works and what doesn’t from our own experience.

Compared to other consultancies, we’re a tiny shop, so we can afford to spend our time and resources to really understand what you do in order to help you do it in the best way possible.

We emphasize politeness, clarity and professionalism. Technical mumbo-jumbo is our sworn enemy.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We’re here to help both your project to succeed and your developers to do their best work. In-house developers tend to hate outside software consultants but they will like us, promise!

Get the enthusiasm back for the people who work with your project! Make your legacy project feel like a fresh startup that was set up just a couple of weeks ago!

Basic initial review is free of charge, so it won’t hurt you to write us in any case. All messages are strictly confidential. Email us at info@refactoring.lt or fill out a contact form below: